Liberty School of Ministry

Raising and releasing a generation that has the Father's heart, their identity in christ, and walks in right relationships.

What is LSM?

Liberty School of Ministry is a ministry of Liberty Christian Fellowship designed to raise people up for the purpose of ministry in their personal relationships, family, market-place, and church by providing a deeply relational, community driven, and applicational discipleship opportunity for those pursuing God’s call on their lives.  We believe that as people step into God’s calling on their lives, embodying His values, we will see His Kingdom unfolded on the earth.

Our school of ministry offers full and part time programs.  The school's class and ministry schedules as well as tuition options are all designed to make LSM affordable and accessible. Our full time program is designed for young adults 18 to 26 years old and our part time program open to people from all ages.

Take a look at our first amazing year:

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