What is Rise Liberty Youth?

RISE is the student ministry of Liberty Christian Fellowship.  We are committed to making sure that your teen has the opportunity to CONNECT to God and other students, GROW in the faith, and SERVE one another, the community, and the world.

Youth Group

During the school year, Thursdays at 6:30pm at the church is the main gathering for students.  Any student from 6th to 12th grade may attend.  Our summer program meets at 6:00PM on Sundays and will take teens off campus to Swim-N-Studies at another location.  Call or email the church office to inquire about Summer Swim-n-Studies or visit the RISE Facebook page.

Rise groups

We have several grade-specific Bible studies throughout the week for students to plug into.  Students in Bible studies are able to foster deep relationships with other students and are challenged to grow deeper in the faith.

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List of Current Studiess

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You can contact the Rise Liberty Youth Office at rise@libertyobx.com.